Work With Nicola


I'm Nicola Cairncross and I've been marketing many different kinds of businesses online since 1995.

Yes, that far back! I created a website for my husband's record label Esoteric Records, using a book called 'HTML For the Worldwide Web' by Elizabeth Castro.  I was hooked!

Since then, I've consulted, trained and coached many hundreds of businesses (and via my speaking gigs and books, many thousands!) just like you.

Why not buy one of my books to see if you like the 'cut of my jib' then book a call? There's a link below.

One of the most effective ways to get quick results in your business is to consult with me.  We can work together (then you outsource), I can work with your team, or you and I can work with my team.

I've worked with many different kind of businesses, but the most successful outcomes happen when you and your business has the following qualities:

  • Are you passionate about your business, product or service? Ideally an expert in it!
  • At least one proven product or service? Does it sell already on- or off-line?
  • Do you have control over how things are done in your business?
  • Resources in terms of an existing team or a budget for one (perhaps overseas)?
  • Can you get easy access to your website and social media accounts? 
  • Do you have a hungry crowd? An audience, responsive mailing list or following?

Here's How It Works

  1. We'll set up an initial 2-hour Discovery Call on Zoom, where we'll go through every aspect of your business marketing. 
  2. I'll provide you with a short list of the information I'll need and this request alone will often wake you up! 
  3. You'll come out of this call with a deeper insight into where you are leaving  money on the table and what actions can be taken to immediately increase sales.
  4. I won't ask you to make a decision on the spot (it's not a sales call) but will follow up with a written report of our discussion and my suggestions for moving forwards. 
  5. There is a charge for this call but it's credited against my consulting and/or execution fees if we go forward.
  6. If you like the sound of that, simply click here to book into my Online Diary.

I'm looking forward to talking to you!